Sewing Fun

& a little shop


A diverse group of individuals who have become interested in sewing. Through various discussions it became obvious sewing is done for one of three reasons.

For Fun, For Excitement

We take enjoyment out of the fact that we can create our own unique garments which are one of a kind. 

OR For Rewards

Sewing is a life-skill which can be used to earn an income.

Why we love sewing

Making it Yourself

Jeanette once mentioned, sewing will empower her to make her own contemporary items to stay current with the new trends up and coming, as well as to fit in.
For me, sewing has given me something more enjoyable to do than simply sit and watch television or videos. I am able to make myself beautiful and trendy outfits. When I wear them out and see the envious glances from others, I know that making the perfect blouse is worthwhile. Nobody else has my piece as it is perfectly unique and handmade by myself.

What's Your Love Language

To sew is to love. Whether it is demonstrated by the effort in creating that particular present for someone special or simply by the gift itself, which will be treasured for years to come. To me, sewing is an act of nurture, love, and care.

Trendy Threads

The greatest contribution to human evolution has been sewing. Mankind was able to start pushing the boundaries and explore the World and beyond once we could adapt our clothing to fit different situations. There isn't a single facet of life that sewing isn't essential to. Not one!

Me time

Sewing allows me to take the time and reflect on the days events by just simply settling into a rhythm and sewing a beautiful item of clothing or something handy around the house you may need.


For me, it resembles a trip in the woods. Yes, striving to get anything absolutely right can be frustrating and make you feel like you are going around in circles, but when you succeed, the sense of accomplishment is

unmatched. I am confident that I was able to bring my idea to reality.

Making Dolla$

My needlework has turned out to be a source of money. Occasionally, I'm asked to make a few adjustments. In addition, I create a few items that I sell on the side, including basic bags and scrunchies.

Please consider us

If and when you are ready to buy, please consider using our store for your purchases.  We ship anywhere in South Africa.  We will strive to give you the best advice and after sales care available.  Our products are all top quality, because we know, when you spend time making something special, you want it to last.  Quality materials will help ensure this.

Our suppliers have been vetted by us to ensure we can rely on them for the best service and warranties.   


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